Dec 18, 2016

The Prequel you always wanted

Contains stuff that may be considered Spoiler. I don´t care if you read any further. After watching Rogue One: A Star Wars Story today two things became very clear: The first one is that Star Wars as a Franchise is much better off without George Lucas. Yes, he created the Franchise in the first place and the original trilogy is incredible, however with the Special Editions and his obsession with changing movies years later and the mess that is the Prequel Trilogy it became obvious that someone else with fresh ideas would be needed to keep the franchise a succes. Don´t get me wrong here, I don´t hate everything about the Prequels, at least half of Episode II is good and Episode III is a very enjoyable movie all around, but I consider Episode I to be one of he worst movies I have ever seen and I still think that everything that was important about that trilogy could have been told in a single movie. The second thing I realised while watching Rogue One was that this movie is what the Prequels should have been. At least I never needed such an detailed background story for he the main villain of the original movies, like I said that should have been one movie, and then the rest of the prequels should have been about other events that lead to Episode IV. And Rogue One really isn´t about the background of any character we already know, heck, all charachter that already where established in the other movies don´t have much screen time anyway, it is about the series of events that ended with the Rebels getting their hands on the plans for the Death Star and it explains why it had that design flaw that allowed them to destroy the station later on, and that explanation doesn´t even feel stupid. We even get a first impression of the Death Star´s capabilities without the movie ever spoiling if it realy is capable of destroying entire planets. In fact Rogue One doesn´t spoil anything about any of the other movies. At times the movie feels more like a Sci-Fi war movie than Star Wars, but that isn´t really a bad thing because all of the action is done very well and it never feels out of place. You don´t have any Jedi battling it out, these are the rebels we are talking about, they are normal people that can´t use the Force. Yeah, sure, you have that blind guy that seems to be able to use a bit of the Force and you see Darth Vader uses a simple Force tricks, but all of that isn´t anything too fancy. Both myself and all of my Star Wars loving friends really enjoyed this one.